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Retirees and pre-retirees from the City of San Diego Fire Department

We appreciate your deep commitment to the city of San Diego. We are equally committed to providing you with financial strategies and resources that maximize your retirement wealth.


Retirement for SDFD Firefighters is typically composed of four sources of income with different after-tax implications.


This income is irrevocably set for life when you meet with the SDCERS counselor prior to entering DROP. You have many choices as to pension options and when to make the election, so it is important to meet with us prior to this meeting. Your ideal retirement lifestyle, age of spouse, years of service, ages of children, future income needs, and current financial position are just a few of the relevant factors making your decision truly unique.

DROP (Deferred Retirement Option Program)

This income can either be taken out as one of the two annuities set up through SDCERS, as a lump sum, or from an IRA once rolled from your DROP account. As a part of our specialized planning process we will help you determine a suitable solution for your DROP dollars

Defined Contribution Plans

These include your 457 (commonly referred to as ‘Deferred Comp’), 401k, and SPSP, if applicable, accounts. Tax implications and income needs are to important determining factors when choosing how and when to pull money from these accounts at retirement. After-Tax Wealth Management is here to help you find the most suitable solution for you.

Other Income Sources

These other sources commonly include rental income, inheritances, business interests and spousal retirement. As a part of our holistic, tax-aware wealth management, After-Tax will create a pointed plan to help maximize your after-tax dollars from these sources. After all, it’s what you keep that matters!


After-Tax Wealth Management is specialized because we understand the benefits available at the City and help our clients maximize those benefits.

Furthermore, we can help maximize the after-tax dollars provided for our clients during their retirement.

As a current or retired employee of the San Diego Fire Department, you have the ability to refine your retirement strategy so it is relevant to your own situation. Let After-Tax Wealth Management guide you through with thoughtful leadership.

Are you in or about to enter DROP? Are you interested in investment options and strategies post-service?

Watch our video to understand the importance of planning before DROP and information on why firefighters come to us for advice about DROP options.

Learn how we can make a difference to your retirement income.

Nathan Medina, CFP®, Founder of After-Tax Wealth Management


Watch our video to understand how we help strategically align your decisions to pursue tax-advantaged investments and intergenerational wealth transfer

Learn why real-time tax and investment expertise are needed to support your wealth goals and legacy


You created your retirement for the future but tax laws change. We can help.

Firefighters routinely risk their lives to protect the life and property of others. However, after a long and rewarding career, many firefighters find they are under-prepared to transition into retirement. Even the best plan needs active management to keep up with changes in the economic environment and tax laws. After-Tax Wealth Management has decades of experience helping SDFD retirees prepare for their transition.

We work tirelessly to give firefighters and their families reliable access to experienced financial advice, products and services. We’ve been providing timely and professional investment advice to firefighters since 1998.

Our Vision is Built on Our Knowledge & Insight into:

  • Your pension options
  • The City’s Deferred Compensation & 401K
  • DROP options at retirement
  • Fee-based investment management
  • Retirement, financial, tax and estate planning
  • The steps you can take when retiring from the department
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