After-Tax Wealth Management focuses on working with wealthy families who are acutely concerned with the intergenerational preservation and transfer of wealth.

After all, it’s what you keep that matters.

Learn How We Can Help You Leave a Lasting Legacy by Effectively Preserving and Transferring Your Wealth

Trust & Estate Planning Strategies

Guidance and strategies to help fulfill your vision for the future

Strategic Philanthropy & Grantmaking

Personal giving strategies that compliment your passions and purpose

Coordination With Our Client's Experts

Providing clarity and confidence to your planning

Selling Your Business

Tax Implications

Nathan Medina, CFP®, Founder of After-Tax Wealth Management


Watch our video to understand how we help strategically align your decisions to pursue tax-advantaged investments and intergenerational wealth transfer

After Tax Wealth Management

Preserving Wealth Across Generations

  • With the largest ever intergenerational wealth transfer on the horizon, families need to strategically plan how to transfer their legacies
  • While wealth generation and preservation require two different skill sets, there are commonalities across both: thinking strategically and surrounding yourself with the right people
  • Wealth’s complexities merit reflection and thoughtful dialogue. At After-Tax Wealth Management, we deeply understand, in real time, the tax implications of the intergenerational preservation and transfer of wealth

Preserving future wealth for what’s most important to you

  • Tax Consulting for your wealth today and your family’s tomorrow
  • Intergenerational Wealth Management that aligns investments, trust accounts, and estate planning with tax advantages
  • Charitable Giving Strategies to support your vision of the future
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Providing The Best Fit For Your Needs

We are a unique wealth management firm that specializes in working with wealthy families who are acutely concerned with the intergenerational preservation and transfer of wealth.

We are unique not only because our firm has access to the world’s finest institutional money managers, but we also – through our tax planning and preparation division – deeply understand, in real-time, the tax implications of the wealth management decisions our clients make.

The Generalist Wealth Management firm such as the typical financial planner or financial advisor simply does not have the specialization required to know about the synergies that exist when there is a full and complete understanding of both investments and taxes.

We strongly believe in the coordination of our client’s experts. We believe every one of our clients deserves a financial keystone (our firm) that can bring your family, your CPA, and your estate planning attorney to the table at one time.

Furthermore, we prepare your professionals for such meetings so crucial decisions are made at the table allowing you and your family to leave the meetings with clarity and confidence in your plans.

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