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We work with high-net-worth families who are acutely concerned with the intergenerational preservation and transfer of their wealth.

We are distinctive not only because our firm has access to highly experienced institutional money managers, but we also deeply understand, in real-time, the tax implications of wealth management decisions our clients make.

Many of the generalist wealth management firms simply do not have the specialization required to know about, let alone optimize, the synergies that exist when there is a full and complete understanding of both investments and taxes.

We strongly believe in the coordination of our client’s experts. We believe every one of our clients needs a financial keystone, who will bring your family, your CPA, and your estate planning attorney to the table at one time.

Furthermore, we prepare your professionals for those meetings so that crucial decisions are made in a timely manner allowing you and your family to leave the meeting with clarity and confidence in your plans.

An integrated approach to help simplify your life

There are significant opportunities associated with serving families, like yours, including:

Tax Consulting

Sophisticated strategies may help manage current and future income, gift, estate and generation-skipping transfer taxes. We offer specialized assistance with equity compensation, concentrated stock, liquidity events, such as the sale of a business, and inheritances.

Cash Flow and Lifestyle Planning

Identifying strategies to provide liquidity and financial flexibility, while managing taxes and portfolio risk.

Intergenerational Wealth Planning

We work with your other independent advisors to develop customized strategies designed to minimize wealth transfer taxes, preserve and protect wealth and help ensure that more of your assets are distributed and used as you wish — whether they go to family members, friends or charitable organizations.

Charitable Giving Strategies

Assistance in identifying strategies to fulfill charitable as well as family goals, such as engaging your children and grandchildren in philanthropy.

Nathan Medina, CFP®, Founder of After-Tax Wealth Management


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Learn why real-time tax and investment expertise are needed to support your wealth goals and legacy

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Planning ahead and acting now could save you thousands of dollars

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Trust & Estate Planning Strategies

Guidance and strategies to help fulfill your vision for the future.

Business Owners

Insights and guidance for you, your family and your business needs.

Fixed Income

Delivering custom fixed income strategies tailored to your personal investment objectives.

Strategic Philanthropy & Grantmaking

Personal giving strategies that compliment your passions and purpose.

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